MVP Now Offers Massage Therapy!

MVP is proud to offer massage therapy services at a number of locations throughout the Puget Sound region.


Whether you are an injured worker, a weekend warrior, or are simply recovering from an accident / injury, MVP's skilled massage therapists can help to quicken your recovery and maximize your results.

Massage Therapy is currently offered at our Bremerton, Federal Way, Fife, Fircrest, Lacey, Lakewood, Port Orchard, Puyallup, Sumner and Tacoma clinics.

We accept most insurance plans as well as cash pay massage clients.


Massage Therapy Director; R. Daren McGraw


Benefits of Massage Therapy

Develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function
Massage therapy has become a staple of many professional athletes' training regimens. But not just athletes can benefit from massage. Lifestyle factors, such as long work hours or physically demanding and repetitive tasks, lead many members of the workforce to seek the assistance of a massage therapist. A seemingly minor injury can have a profound impact on a person’s ability to stay physically active, participate fully in life, or even make a living if it becomes chronic. Massage therapy is one way of preventing that kind of outcome.

Relieve/prevent physical dysfunction & pain
Some massage therapy techniques are specifically recommended to address sore muscle tissues. An overly sore muscle cannot function properly so by alleviating or preventing pain through massage therapy, dysfunction can be eliminated or reduced.

Relax tight and tense muscles
Many people don't realize how much a tight muscle impacts on vital things such as posture. A tense muscle can throw off your body's natural balance and before long, muscles that were not initially tight begin to tense as they try to compensate. Unfortunately, this becomes a chain reaction that can spread far from the initial problem spot. A talented massage therapist can identify the source of the problem and start working to alleviate the problems true origin...

Improve circulation, recovery time and immune system function
The movements of massage cause blood to flush in and out of muscles and joints. This flushing process - enhancing circulation in the affected areas - can, in some cases, aid recovery time of injuries. 

Reduce overall stress
We're all becoming more aware of the role stress plays in health. People who are stressed are less healthy than people who are relaxed. Stress has been shown to increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and many other serious health conditions. Massage therapy is an effective and enjoyable way to reduce stress.

To schedule an appointment with a massage therapist please call the location that is most convenient for you.

  • Bremerton (360) 479-8477
  • Federal Way (253) 815-1117
  • Fife (253) 922-7255
  • Fircrest (253) 564-1560
  • Lacey (360) 491-3900
  • Lakewood (253) 582-8142
  • Port Orchard (360) 874-8009
  • Puyallup (253) 770-1807
  • Sumner (253) 891-7093
  • Tacoma (253) 759-4036